Best Trout Flies

First, here is a fly-fishing video that has some beautiful shots of streams and mountains. I tell people that fishing is not just about fishing. It's about enjoying nature and going to the most beautiful places. You do not have to be into flyfishing to enjoy this video.

Fly Fishing is a Joke from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

BH Scud

BH Zug Bug

Blue Wing Olive


Flashabou Floating Muddler


Gold Bead Hopper

Green Highlander

Joes Hopper

Leftys Deceiver


Match The Minnow

Matuka Black

Mickey Fin

Mini Shrimptan

Muddler Minnow

Muddler Morabou

Pheasant Tail

Quill Gordon

Rabbit Strib Diver

Rabbit Strip Muddler

Red Spinner

Salt Shimp Grey

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