Ontario Drive-in Brook Trout Fishing

Bay Wolf Camp is a drive-to housekeeping fishing camp located about 100 miles north of Sudbury, Ontario, in an area filled with great fishing lakes. The camp is located on Shining Tree Lake which stretches over 8 miles with more than 40 miles of shoreline. This lake alone provides more than enough fishing opportunities for the average angler, but to add even more to your trip, boats are also kept on 12 back lakes. In addition, spare boats are kept available for those anglers who want to make their own adventure and travel into lakes where we don't already keep boats. A Bay Wolf Camp Fishing Package includes fishing on all these lakes, fully modern housekeeping accommodations, one boat & motor for every 2 people on Shining Tree Lake, all outboard gas & oil, bait (minnows & worms), life jackets, anchors, paddles, & marine safety kits, information kit with maps of lakes, and all taxes. Boats are kept on 1 lake with Splake that also has Northern Pike and Perch. There are dozens of other lakes in the area with Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Aurora Trout. Boats are available for guests who want to fish these lakes and have trucks or trailers to transport them. Bay Wolf Camp also offers Fishing/Small Game Packages. Fish for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Splake, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Whitefish.

Thunderhook Fly-ins & Smooth Rock Camp is located north of Armstrong and in the heart of the best Brook Trout fishing in Ontario. They offer multiple fly-in outpost camps to choose from on remote lakes and a fly-in lodge. They offer lakes and streams with great Brook Trout fishing. Brook Trout actively migrate to find food and cooler water as the heat of the summer moves in so you will have to contact Thunderhook for details on where to find Brookies during the summer. In the spring and fall Brook Trout are easier to find. Guests purposely targeting Brook Trout should be able to get 3 to 6 nice Brook Trout on an average day. The trout are most common in the 1 to 2 pound range but 3 and 4-pounders do get caught. They also have outstanding fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

Carpenter Lake Cabins has fantastic Brook Trout. Their whole area is dotted with spring fed lakes and ice cold streams, which is why they have a reputation for being one of the top Brook Trout camps in Northern Ontario. They also have ice fishing for Brookies. They have really nice lakeside cottages.

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is located 6 miles east of Nakina, Ontario and on Lower Twin Lake, which is the headwaters for the Drowning River. There are no Brook Trout in the lake but the river has Brook Trout way down stream but not accessible by boat. However, hidden out in the bush accessible by old logging roads are various spring-fed lakes and streams that are teaming with Brook Trout. Generally in the streams the Brook Trout are smaller than in the lakes with Brook Trout rarely reaching 18 inches. In the lakes, which some are Artesian Wells; the Brook Trout can reach 5 pounds. John and Karin have spent a lot of time and money upgrading their camp and renovating their lakefront cottages. If you were at the camp in the past you would not believe your eyes if you saw it today. They also took into account that the cabins need to be accessible for people with physical challenges. Upper and Lower Twin Lakes also have fantastic Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps is a fly-in fishing Outfitter with four fly-in fishing outpost camps, a drive-to outpost camp and a drive-in base camp resort. They are located in Nakina, Ontario. They offer outstanding fishing for Brook Trout and Splake. They have outpost camps on the Dusey River and the Albany River, which are world famous for giant Brook Trout. All their fly-in outpost cabins and Base Camp cabins on Lower Twin Lake are clean and comfortable and fully equipped for housekeeping. They offer fishing solutions to meet your need and budget. Flying is done by Nakina Air.

Hidden River Lodge is located on Whitefish Lake, which is part of the famous Michipicoten River System. The closest civilization is the tourist outpost town of Wawa, Ontario. Hidden Lake has great fishing for Brook Trout as Wawa is famous for large amounts of Brookies as well as giant trophies. They have nice comfortable cabins and really nice boats.

Northern Woods Lodge The entire area has excellent fishing for Brook Trout. In addition to fishing Long Lake for Brook Trout, you can also fish any one of the many lakes in the area. We keep boats on these lakes and are available to our guests at no additional charge. There are also rivers and streams in the area with world class Brook Trout fishing.

Four Seasons Guiding is a small and cozy family run outfitter on Big Pine Lake near Chapleau Ontario. They offer housekeeping cabins with good fishing for. There are trout lakes and trout streams within 10 minutes drive which hold great Brook Trout fishing.

Cozy Camp Outfitters: We are located on the English River and have local outpost lakes with excellent fishing for Brook Trout (Speckled Trout). Brook Trout come in all sizes from small pan fryers to trophy 3 and 4 pounders. Occasionally, much bigger brookies are taken. We have boats on these lakes with maps of all the hot spots.

Murray Lake Cottages & Outpost Camps is located south of Missanabie and between Wawa and Chapleau, Ontario. They do not have Brook Trout in their lake but they do have backcountry portable lakes with excellent Brook Trout fishing. Brook Trout in the lakes are common in the 1 to 3-pound range but they have caught them as big as 7 pounds. There are a number of streams in the area where Brook Trout are common in the 8 to 16-inch range and once in a while the streams produce trout over 20 inches. They have five lakefront housekeeping cabins that sleep between four and nine adults. They have two boat-to outpost camps on Loon Lake and Shikwamkwa Lake and both camps have fantastic fishing. Their rates are the best in Ontario. They also have fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Perch.

Red Pine Lodge & Outpost Camps is located in the James Bay Frontier and in the heart of some of the best fishing in Ontario. Their main lodge is on the famous Ivanhoe Lake and not too far from Foleyet, Ontario. They have outstanding fishing for Brook Trout. They offer both lakeside cottages at their main camp and remote boat-to outpost camps and a fly-in outpost camp.

Pasha Lake Cabins Is located near Jellicoe, Ontario and just down the road from Armstrong, Nipigon and Nakina. Pasha Lake and the local rivers have awesome Brook Trout fishing and the Brookies are monster in size compared to most Brook Trout hotspots. The Brook Trout are easy to get to and numbers are high. From Pasha Lake there is boat access to Lake Nipigon, where there are even more giant trophy Brook Trout. Pasha Lake has the pictures to prove it. You will be overwhelmed.

Moose Horn Lodge has great Brook Trout fishing. They have several streams withing a few minutes of camp that hold really nice Brook Trout in the to 4 pound range. These are beautiful spring fed streams and they are still stuffed with Brookies because they only let their guest know where they are. They offer American Plan and Housekeeping Cottages.

Five Mile Lake Lodge has great Brook Trout in several trout streams in the area that are back in the bush. They offer really nice and clean housekeeping cabins.

Camp Missanabie is a housekeeping lodge located near the outpost settlement of Missanabie, Ontario, which is north of Wawa and Chapleau and on the western edge of Missanabie Provincial Park. They are located on Dog Lake, which has fantastic fishing. The camp is known for its fantastic Brook Trout streams. The Brook Trout in their area are not giants but the streams are beautiful and you can catch tons on nice eating size Brookies. They offer housekeeping cabins and outpost camps.

Auld Reekie Lodge is located 3 hours north of North Bay near the town of Gowganda and located on Gowganda Lake. There are no Brook Trout in Gowganada Lake but Auld Reekie does have a few backcountry lakes that are stuffed with Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and even a lake with Aurora Trout. These lakes are canoe-only spring-fed lakes and well worth the walk in. The Brook Trout they are catching in their lakes are common in the 1 to 3 pound range with a few bigger ones here and there. They have beautiful lakefront cottages along with a main restaurant and British Pub style bar. They offer American Plan, European Plan and housekeeping plan.

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